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National Museum Of Wood Carving

National Museum Of Wood Carving
Hwy 16 West P.O. Box 747

Inside our carving studio today's magic continues to happen. During most of the season, Kieth Morrill, NMW's resident woodcarver, or guest woodcarvers from all corners of the U.S., bring thier individual tallents to the National Museum of Woodcarving. Watch profesional woodcarvers chisel and shape an ordinary block of wood into a work of art right before your eyes. You may choose to learn the art of woodcarving yourself by scheduling a few hours, or days, with a professional in the carving studio. The concept behind the National Museum of Woodcarving is to display some of the best woodcarvings in the nation for the public to see and appreciate. You'll find an entire gallery dedicated to prominent wood carvings by noted woodcarversand woodcarving groups. Over 70 woodcarvers have crafted thier own unique pieces for display in the National Museum Gallery.

This includes a special display of woodcarvings created by over 20 of the top caricature carvers in the U.S., who are members of the Caricature Carvers of America. Here you get the opportunity to see the different styles of various carvers. Pick your favorite, most of these pieces are for sale.Unlike many gift shops, you won't find standard souvenirs at the National Museum of Woodcarving. Many of the items for sale are collector's items, like our large selection of hand-carved and painted wood figures. We have a special collection of South Dakota made gifts you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Stop by and browse through our gift shop. We've got some of the most distinct and beautiful t-shirt designs in the Black Hills. Like the museum itself, you'll be amazed by what you see.

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