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Keystone - Rushmore Tramway Adventures

203 Cemetery Road

In 1965, the Rushmore Aerial Tramway opened to the public. Situated about two miles west of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, each of the sixteen, two-person gondolas offered visitors a remarkable, aerial view of this cherished, national treasure. When guests disembarked at the summit, they were treated to even more spectacular and rarely-seen views.

The original mountain-top park consisted of viewing decks and walking trails, along with waterfalls and flower beds that were crafted out of the mountaintop’s native granite. Fifty years later, these pristine elements remain the foundation of our Mount Rushmore attractions—but there is now so much more to enjoy!

New ownership and all new attractions!

In 1999, Rushmore Aerial Tramway was purchased by new owners and Rushmore Tramway Adventures was born! A variety of changes took place:

-The first additions to the summit were a restaurant and restrooms—giving visitors the opportunity to prolong their stay at the top with food and drink.

-Shortly thereafter, the alpine slide was added. Getting down the mountain had never been so much fun!

-The original gondolas were replaced with a modern chairlift of 36 continuously-moving chairs.

-We offer sparkling mica-strewn pathways, along with all-new and ever-expanding flower gardens.

-In 2013, another treat for sight-seeing, thrill-seekers was added to the Rushmore Tramway Adventures lineup—a brand-new zipline. 

Our mountaintop park has always offered unparalleled, birds-eye views of historic Keystone, SD and the surrounding region, but there have never been so many ways to enjoy the mountain or supplement your visit to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial!

Call us at (605) 593-4923 to learn more. Better yet, come see us in person!


Dave Den Adel

Sunday, March 18, 2018
A different view of Rushmore. Great views of the Black Hills. The best part is piloting a alpine sled down the hill at 120+ mph with no helmet. ☠☠☠ I'm kidding, it's 95 mph. I'm still kidding. Its not dangerous fast. The only downside is the price. 💰💰 The ride down last maybe 90 seconds. I'm being generous with that time. After paying for my family of five, we had no cash for meals the rest of our trip. 😵😩🤑😫🤐

Luke Meyer

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Worked here last summer. Extremely nice staff and great place to work. I can promise you, if you experienced any inconvenience or ran into any problems, it was not on purpose. The staff here works none stop for a great experience(for you!) in our Black Hills.

Eric Severson

Monday, Sep. 11, 2017
Took my 6 year old on the alpine slide. I guess I was not fully aware how easy the sleds tip after some rushed instructions. We were having fun until we were almost to the bottom. We ended up flipping upside down, and skidding for quite a while. If we were provided with any type of glove,we would have been fine,but once I had to put my hand down to shield my son, all I could smell was burning flesh. I ended up with burns on my hands and legs almost down to the muscle(where my skin was oozing clear plasma). I admit, I was in control of the sled, and video taping(there is a sign in the front of the business with a father and son doing the same thing),so I was at fault for crashing. The part that bothered me about the alpine slide the most was that when we got off all bloody, and my son crying from pain,the employees just snatched the sled out of my hand and stacked it like nothing had happened. The same thing when we had to exit through the gift shop. Luckily we were within walking distance of our hotel where their front desk clerk immediately went and got us some 1st aid. Just a little compassion would have meant at least a couple more stars with my review.

Tracy Quinn

Friday, July 28, 2017
Very friendly staff. The Pinnacle tour was great! Crowds are smaller in the afternoon. Nathan and Brad were amazing tour guides. Very safe. Great new way to see my Rushmore! Pricing was very similar to other zip lines I've been on.

Tammy Sime

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017
This took you basically to the same height as Mount Rushmore. Scary yet breathtaking at the same time. Tour guides for the zip line tour were phenomenal, and my kids had a blast. Was definitely worth the drive from Minnesota!:)

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