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Rushmore Tramway Adventures

203 Cemetery Road

In 1965, the Rushmore Aerial Tramway opened to the public. Situated about two miles west of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, each of the sixteen, two-person gondolas offered visitors a remarkable, aerial view of this cherished, national treasure. When guests disembarked at the summit, they were treated to even more spectacular and rarely-seen views.

The original mountain-top park consisted of viewing decks and walking trails, along with waterfalls and flower beds that were crafted out of the mountaintop’s native granite. Fifty years later, these pristine elements remain the foundation of our Mount Rushmore attractions—but there is now so much more to enjoy!

New ownership and all new attractions!

In 1999, Rushmore Aerial Tramway was purchased by new owners and Rushmore Tramway Adventures was born! A variety of changes took place:

-The first additions to the summit were a restaurant and restrooms—giving visitors the opportunity to prolong their stay at the top with food and drink.

-Shortly thereafter, the alpine slide was added. Getting down the mountain had never been so much fun!

-The original gondolas were replaced with a modern chairlift of 36 continuously-moving chairs.

-We offer sparkling mica-strewn pathways, along with all-new and ever-expanding flower gardens.

-In 2013, another treat for sight-seeing, thrill-seekers was added to the Rushmore Tramway Adventures lineup—a brand-new zipline. 

Our mountaintop park has always offered unparalleled, birds-eye views of historic Keystone, SD and the surrounding region, but there have never been so many ways to enjoy the mountain or supplement your visit to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial!

Call us at (605) 593-4923 to learn more. Better yet, come see us in person!


Drew Bennett

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
I'm not one to give 5-star reviews, but this place... A whole different story. I took the pinnacle zip tour, and was that experience amazing! You got to see beautiful views of Mount Rushmore and the forests around it. Breathtaking! We did the slides, which were fun too. The guides were very friendly and helpful. Can't wait to come back!

Joseph Kenney

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Friendly staff offering several different adventures. We opted for the alpine slides. Very little instruction prior to sliding down the mountain. Please take the time to enjoy the gardens and restaurant at the top. Well worth your time! George’s Grill is as scenic as it gets.

Mysti Knoell

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Went on the tramway up to the top. Ate lunch at the restaurant at the top (delicious burgers and friendly staff). Rode the slide back down which was a riot!! They have a side for fast riders and a side for slower riders/younger kids. When my stepson was going down 2 deer actually ran in front of him across the slides and he had to stop. So cool!! Make sure to sign the release first when you get there and then head over to get your tickets. Lots of fun options!!

Sese Davila

Saturday, July 14, 2018
It's great! Love the scenery and the employees we're very helpful and kind. They even helped my grandmother get off the tramp when she couldn't stand up fast. We loved it!

Dean Hoppenrath

Sunday, June 10, 2018
We had fun but it was not worth the money you pay. My family of 5 paid over $200 to go down the slide 2 times each and one on the zip line. The zip line lasts for about 25 seconds. The Alpine slide is fun but my 11 year old daughter tipped over in one of the turns, scrapped up her face, knee and elbow. When we got off the slide, the attendant said, "did you have fun?" We said no and showed him her face. He then said, "guess not." Never offered a bandage or show any concern. She is fine but not what I would have expected. Save your money and go over to Big Thunder gold mine and spend a couple hours of family fun there.

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