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National Presidential Wax Museum

National Presidential Wax Museum
609 Highway 16A


Founded in 1971, the National Presidential Wax Museum, formely known as the Parade of Presidents, is one of the most prestigious attractions in the Black Hills. Combining the talents of Kathryn Stuberg Keller, a third generation wax sculptor, with the accomplished set design artists Don and Bonnie McPhee, the team cultivated blue prints for each design through extensive research and planning. Averaging three months per wax figure, life begins with a piece of clay. Heads are cast into molds, and human hair is added. Medical glass eyes are obtained from Germany, a country long famous for supremacy in optical glass and porcelain teeth lend the crowning touch to the wax heads. The period clothing is made by the Hollywood Costume Co., modern dress and accessories are purchased from
Terry King Clothing of LA and from local businesses. Henry Alvaraz, a prodigy of Katherine, created the more recent figures of George Bush, Al Gore, Jackie Kennedy and fireman Bob Beckwirth.

In 2001, KCJ Development became the proud new owners of the Parade of Presidents Wax Museum. The museum had been closed for several seasons between owners, so after some renovations, the musem was reopened with new owners, a new name, The National Presidential Wax Museum, and a new look. The Executive Order Grill and the Holy Terror Mini Golf Course have since been added to offer FUN, FOOD and EDUCATION all in one location.

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