Dakota Nature Park

22nd Avenue South and 32nd Street

Dakota Nature Park is located on the northwest corner of 22nd Avenue and 32nd Street South.  This 135 acre park provides visitors with an opportunity to observe nature.  The site once served as the City of Brookings Landfill.  However, the landfill has since been capped and has fulfilled the environmental monitoring requirements of the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  

Mature trees and vegetation provide a safe haven to birds and animals native to this area.  A series of small connecting ponds adds to the scenic beauty.  Paved and primitive recreation trails loop throughout the park.  A metal bridge provides access across the ponds.  

Enjoying a wide variety of plant life, bird watching, and catch-and-release fishing are favorite activities at this park.  

A specialized dog park is planned near the entrance off of 22nd Avenue.  The Outdoor Learning Center, a precision sports shooting center, focusing on BB and pellet gun shooting and archery, has been designated five acres for a future building site.  The City is contracting with a landscape architecture firm for development of a Master Plan for the nature park.  The Nature Park Master Plan, upon completion, will be incorporated into the Park Master Plan by reference.


Josh Hartelt

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018

Good size for a city run outdoor nature park. Summertime rentals are nice with kayaks and canoes, along with fishing equipment and other sporting goods. Winter is also a time to rent sporting goods such as cross country skis and snow shoes, weather permitting of course. The one thing that kept me from adding that fifth star is the management of the ponds. The DNR has not done a great job maintaining a healthy fish population and this has resulted in a lot of stunted fish, good for kids to catch, bad for anglers who are without a boat or access to natural lakes/waterways.

Thad Drietz

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Awesome trail system, fun for family hikes. Easy bike and kayak rentals. Cross country skiing too.

Dilkaran Singh

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

Good place to visit. Lake was frozen due to winters. But a good place to spend a evening.

Shepard Fairfax

Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

Plenty of outdoor fun like kayaking, biking, and just plain strolling around the lakes. A beautiful use of land right outside Brookings.

Collins Bugingo

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017

so nice a place.. Scenic and lush in summer